Endless possibilities.

Technical progress is becoming human. All the space that surrounds us adapts itself to our feelings and plans. We want to feel comfortable and now control all the details for air conditioning, light and safety uncomplicated and comprehensively. The time has come to fully utilize the numerous possibilities of connectivity. Allow yourself to be inspired.

Why is connectivity so popular?

A slogan requires an answer. Whoever desires a comfortable home cannot do without connectivity. Also system planners and electrical planners rely on it. With a connected system electricians offer individual solutions. Designers and architects create a new cosy atmosphere.

Connectivity is the basis for the Smart Home

At home everyone wants to enjoy freedom, feel safe and at the same time be connected with everything free and easy. One wants to use new technical possibilities without experiencing any difficulties. This kind of technology is available. It offers countless possibilities. Those who plan it and make it available need a concept that takes the human dimensions seriously. And here Busch-Jaeger has a comprehensive offer: Living Space®. The electrical installation technology is going through a change. Today it is as perfect as never before and is still being constantly improved. It offers an almost endless variety for meeting the increasing demands of the customers. Busch-Jaeger creates new clarity: Home automation should be able to be controlled as easily and comprehensively as a smartphone. So, why not turn it into a central unit? Busch-Jaeger is convinced that one should be able to control everything without an instruction manual, with sensory pleasantness, with little eye contact and ideally with a movement of the finger. All parameters are controlled on the one surface and adapted to personal requirements. This creates genuine Living Space. Here each one can decide for himself what he requires, when and where he wants to use how much. The users are the main focus. Busch-Jaeger is constantly occupied with the home auto- mation of the future. What are the requirements of the home of tomorrow? What kind of connectivity provides greater comfort and efficiency? Current studies show what intelligently connected systems can accomplish at home. Better use of solar energy when surplus energy is stored and utilized optimized to requirement. Also the lighting can be controlled with the aid of gestures and the intelligent detection of presence. The possibilities are numerous. All detailed solutions have one thing in common: they increase the quality of life.

ABB-free@home® Wireless

The new freedom. Complete and wireless

Now sensors, actuators and the control are being connected into a flexible system. Without cables it preserves the substance of the building and is perfect for modernization. This is how even old buildings are turned into a Smart Home.

The success of ABB-free@home® rests on three factors: more possibilities, fewer limitations and easier operation. Now a further argument is added: simplicity due to wireless connectivity. It connects sensors, actuators and intelligent control without the additional need for wiring. The difference is fundamental, because it allows existing building substances to remain unchanged. This means that for renovation projects the lights, blinds, heating and air-conditioning can be raised to the latest Smart Home status. For the electrical fitter the installation of ABB-free@home® Wireless is very simple and requires little time. Because the central feature of the system, the System Access Point, makes access with the PC or tablet possible. The system is also more practical for the users because it makes the lighting, air-conditioning and safety very easy to control. All devices can be operated intuitively with switches and displays, mobile with the smartphone, even with speech. ABB-free@home® Wireless can be combined with the existing bus-based ABB-free@home® system without any problem, it can be extended future-oriented and is therefore a safe investment.

  • The wireless version opens new possibilities for modernization projects
  • The best radio connection thanks to meshed network
  • Economical installation
  • Wireless and wired components in one system
  • Makes possible the smart control of light, heating, air-conditioning and blinds

ABB-free@home® app

The new independence

A variety of control options. Controlling the perfect room climate, or creating the ideal illumination. All this can now be remote controlled flexibly and sensory precise. With the ABB-free@home® app integration for smartphone, tablet or PC. Via fingertip or speech.

For all who want to make it comfortable for themselves at home, planners and electrical fitters can offer ABB-free@home®. An operating concept provides greater satisfaction because everyone has the choice as to whether one controls functions via a panel on the wall – configures with personal settings – or controls the house mobile via the smartphone with the fingertips thanks to the ABB-free@home® app. There are further possibilities: speech. A brief sentence such as “switch on all the lights in the living room” suffices. The system confirms it with: “Okay. All lights in the living room have been switched on”. The system also processes percentage values. Those who want to have it even more exact can control all factors on the touch screen, precisely where the changes are needed. This allows everyone to enjoy maximum comfort and at the same time energy efficiency. With it electrical fitters can today offer even more than the customers expect.

  • Regulating with voice commands
  • Controllable via smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Precise sensory switching (e.g.: 30 % dimming of lights)

ABB-free@homeTouch 4.3"

Smart control

The ultra-compact display for the cabled ABB-free@home®. It fits discreetly into the wall and impresses with a large range of functions.

With the compact and slim ABB-free@homeTouch 4.3" up to 16 functions can be switched especially comfortably, such as a central everything-off command or the status of the window, for example. Operation is carried out with tap or swipe gestures, intuitive and varied: When the panel is touched with three or more fingers at the same time, the ceiling light switches on or off automatically, also when the panel is currently in standby mode. The integrated room thermostat cleverly replaces the conventional control technique. Nice, when the electrical fitter can offer something outstanding. Here it is a subtle design as flush-mounted model with a mounting height of only 8 mm. Installed fast and, thanks to ABB-free@home®, intuitively programmed.

Can comfort be increased?

Every person has his personal idea about how the home can be perfected. Lighting, air-conditioning and safety, everything is perceived rather subjectively. With smart home automation everyone can design his home as he desires.

More comfort is possible. When everything matches.

Life is getting faster, more complicated and yet more pleasant. Because many perceive the increase in possibilities in all areas as liberation. Here each technology communicates invisibly with the other and offers greater convenience, relaxation and comfort. This increase can both be planned and implemented – by the electrical installation at home. Prerequisite for greater comfort is that the operation of the technology takes the wishes of the users seriously. This starts already during commissioning. The ideal situation is not to have to read an instruction manual but to use the devices immediately. This means that in practice the technology that is not perceived as “Technology” would be best. The demands of the target groups are increasing. Devices must function smarter. The preferences are similar in all age groups: the older ones with their experience and the younger ones with their curiosity value the simplification. And here connectivity is the main focus. It is the central element in the control of comfort, safety and efficiency.

Technology today is more versatile and is getting simpler. Much is carried out with a fingertip on the touch screen. Free of a control unit, one can regulate entire scenes with merely a gesture without having to get up from the sofa. A small down movement of the hand, and the light is dimmed. Also the position of blinds and the climate in the room can be adjusted with the movement of the finger – easy as child’s play.

Switch range solo® and future® linear for ABB-free@home®

The suitable switch. With free selection.

The variety of colour and style of the switch range perfectly fits the countless possibilities of ABB-free@home®.

The design of future® linear is as minimalist as an architect for post-modern buildings would draw it with a ruler. This rectilinearity supplements itself with the new colour versions for ABB-free@home® also with regard to the current variety of style, because its form is intrinsically clear and geometric. As the exterior so the interior: the entire variety of controls is made available with fine precision. The electrical fitter here offers the soothing classic operation and at the same time all possibilities. Installed and configured in a flash. Freedom at home – ABB-free@home®.

The new colour combinations match with mat or shiny metallic finishes perfectly with modern furnishings. If, for example, one combines ivory with mat chrome or metallic buttons with shiny frames, here one goes beyond what is normal and yet still offers discreet design. Available as of now for ABB-free@home®.

  • For all switch ranges with cover plate of identical construction, such as Busch-axcent®, solo®, carat® and future® linear
  • Can be combined with many colours

Busch-Radio BTconnect and Busch-Bluetooth Receiver. 

Sound without cables. In all rooms.

Radio stations or music are received and played via Bluetooth or automatic antenna detection. The quality of living is increased and irritating cabling is dispensed with.

Now one can enjoy music in the entire house via the smartphone or the radio: The new Busch-Radio BTconnect from the Busch-AudioWorld® range is the next generation of modern home entertainment from Busch-Jaeger. Via an integrated Bluetooth receiver the available music can be easily streamed from the mobile terminal device. An RDS-FM radio completes the sound and so creates the best possible selection of music. There is always a demand for clear solutions in the surrounding atmosphere. Whatever style is desired, many devices and cables permanently interfere with the design and cosiness. Better is when the electrical fitter can offer a precise line without any effort.
The solutions for installation from Busch-Jaeger are first choice also in the audio sector, due to functionality and price. A safe, and preferably wireless, operation of small audio devices is especially important in hotels. They remain fixed in the wall, where they are, and function permanently.
Also at home the cleared-up solution is the better alternative. Those who value gentle sounds in the bathroom, can replay the personal audio program via streaming from the flush-mounted loudspeakers in the walls, without externaldevices and without a single cable.

Busch-Radio Btconnect.

A complete flush-mounted device, receiving everything the listeners want to hear, even the personal selection of music from the smartphone via Bluetooth streaming.

A perfect radio, reduced to the smallest space: flush-mounted in the wall. The digital amplifier integrated in the radio in connection with the matching, acoustically optimized loudspeaker inserts from the Busch-AudioWorld® range provides a powerful, strong tonal music and speech replay. The Busch- Radio BTconnect simultaneously integrates itself together with the built-in loudspeakers into all switch ranges (except Decento®). It is suitable for the private sector and for shopping premises, offices, medical practices, legal offices or hotels, and can be installed without a problem in small rooms, in normal flush-mounted boxes. The system can also be switched on with a light switch or movement detector.

  • Flush-mounted VHF-Radio with integrated Bluetooth receiver
  • 8 program memory positions
  • I lluminated, graphic-capable display and central rocker for intuitive operation
  • Screwless terminals for loudspeakers and peripheral connections
  • Automatic antenna detection
  • After switching on it connects itself with the device coupled last

Busch-Bluetooth Receiver.

The wall is getting smart. The receiver receives the data via Bluetooth, to continue processing them directly. Cleanly amplified via the wall loudspeakers without any visible cables.

The Busch-Bluetooth Receiver is an ideal solution for all who stream their own selection of music from the smartphone and do not need a flush-mounted radio. The new receiver impresses with its high tonal quality and connection for an external music source, which makes coupling to the television sound in hotels possible. As a permanently installed flush-mounting solution the Busch-Bluetooth Receiver with the most varied Busch-AudioWorld® loudspeakers offers an outstanding enjoyment of sound.

  • I nput via Bluetooth and AUX input
  • I ntuitive operation, clear design
  • Compact with integrated power adaptor
  • For Busch-AudioWorld® as stand-alone amplifier
  • Combines with all current Busch-Jaeger switch ranges

Busch-ControlTouch® KNX

KNX remote control. With mobile device with ease.

The functions of KNX home automation today are operated not only via Busch-ComfortTouch® or switch, but also remote-controlled via smartphone and smartwatch. Clear control for electrical fitter and customer.

Smartphones, tablets and smartwatches turn into a practical remote control, thanks to Busch-ControlTouch® KNX. It connects the KNX installation with the IP network and controls all KNX functions in the building. The applications for iOS and Android create intuitive operation. This allows switches, dimmers, blinds, scenes, IP cameras, Sonos wireless boxes, Philips Hue lamps and many more to be integrated into the system. The compact system has a KNX, a LAN and a 5-36 V connection for an external power adaptor. It is additionally equipped with two buttons for restarts and two LED lamps for the display of status and connection. The complete commissioning of the module and the changes are made web- based via the myABB-Living- Space Internet portal.

Easy up- and download from ETS allows a smooth engineering workflow, reduce time and money. The gridview allows a quick overview of your KNX installation.

  • For smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android) and the Apple watch
  • Web-based commissioning
  • Intuitive and comfortable operation
  • IP cameras, Sonos wireless boxes and Philips Hue lamps can be integrated
  • Error and alarm messages via push messages

Can safety actually be planned?

To some questions there are no obvious answers. Because personal perception depends on many factors, especially when safety is involved. To achieve what is possible at best, connectivity creates a system which thinks in several dimensions.

Safety is created when all components cooperate non-stop.

When everything changes, globally as well as locally, people react with increased sensitivity for safety. Nice when there are new technologies which counteract the feeling of insecurity and even perform better and set new standards. Safety is created when one installs sustainable and flexible technology. With intelligent automation and connectivity, a system is developed from the electrical installation with which one can even now look calmly forward to the surprises and challenges of tomorrow.

Every professional who has been planning systems for years knows the shortcomings of older systems. What’s it worth to have a video image transmitted that cannot be shown in sufficient detail due to a single weak spot, or even omits a decisive viewing angle? Equally important is that the door communication frees itself from stationary devices, such as an intercom system. Here the integration of a smartphone into the door communication does a much better job. This makes it possible to talk to unexpected visitors at the holiday site thousands of kilometres away. Safety is created here because an intelligent solution has been installed. Busch-Jaeger has perfected the details and made planning easier. The residents enjoy greater transparency and the planners can actually take precautions. The feeling of safety is created when no system fails, whether in the single residential unit or in the skyscraper. Here decentralized residual current circuit breakers prevent accidents because they respond instantly without immobilizing other systems. In this way the planners of the building take the requirements of all residents into consideration. This protects small children during their discovery tours, and people in need of care have everything for requesting immediate assistance. All necessary functions can be made available in one and the same real estate object, without the confusion of incompatible technologies getting in each others way. With Busch-Jaeger the planner turns into a versatile talent. Because with the connected system he has an overview of all the options. He creates a system that functions as a whole and which can also be extended at any time in the future.

Door communication ABB-Welcome.

Technology welcome in every home

With ABB-Welcome, safety can be increased and comfort raised. The variety of connected devices creates new flexibility for installation and application. The design adapts itself both to the user and to the building and allows a comprehensive system to be created for new buildings and modernization projects.

ABB-Welcome status module.

New standards for constructional systems assist hearingimpaired persons. This door communication module meets the new standards for visual, acoustic and tactile operation.

The current ISO CD 21542 (barrier-free constructions) creates new conditions: Structural systems without barriers must meet technical requirements also for door opening and intercom systems. The new constructional component is integrated into an outdoor station, into a letter box system or into the side panel of the door and, by means of icons backlit in blue or red, signals a visitor with impaired hearing when he is requested to speak, when the door is opened, when the bell is ringing, and also when no one is available.

ABB-Welcome info module.

Modern outdoor stations require areas for information such as house number or opening hours. Illuminated and well-shaped.

All too often entrances to commercial objects are designed inharmonious. Many different styles alongside each other is unfavourable for all companies in the building. A good calling card, on the other hand, is the ABB-Welcome information module. House number, company information such as opening hours are presented elegantly and clearly readable. The uniform topography in black on grey adapts itself subtly to every style of architecture. Also at night everything is clearly readable thanks to the LED background illu-mination. One appreciates when the electrical fitter works in a neat way. Here his appearance is demonstrated in the best light.

ABB-Welcome blank module.

Access control devices of other manufacturers can be easily and even invisibly integrated into the ABB-Welcome module. Openness and flexibility create the best system.

At times it is not possible to obtain everything from a single source. ABB-Welcome also offers the option of integrating 3rd-party applications into the outdoor module, without inter- fering with the attractive uniform design. This makes one favourable also for future extensions, without having to make compromises with regard to the design. The blank plate is well-shaped and appears to the observer as a design element. Details are important, and every electrical fitter is aware of this.

  • Conforms to new DIN standards for access
  • Can be integrated into existing systems
  • Visually precise user guidance

Camera interface

Cooperation. With the best perspectives.

Greater flexibility and a better overview with up to 15 external cameras. Integrated into the ABB-Welcome system.

The comprehensive interface provides a wide view. This allows alternative or supplementary visibility angles to be implemented, because this interface processes the signals from up to 15 analogue channels. In addition, the recorded signals can be transferred to external DVR or TV systems. To record every detail, up to four camera interfaces can be connected to an ABB-Welcome system. Parallel to the new interface, Busch-Jaeger offers three new analogue cameras: one classical video camera, one dome and one mini-dome camera. A further offer: Aside from the pre-configured ABB-Welcome outdoor stations, also customized outdoor stations can be individually combined. Safety has no limits.

  • For up to 15 different analogue video cameras on 1 device
  • Also suited for analogue cameras of other manufacturers
  • Completely clear images
  • For retrofitting and extension

System controller, mini

Size decides. When it is mini.

A complete central unit, which even supports the complete door communication, everything space-saving in only 6 module widths, for renovations by means of a simple replacement.

While the requirements for an electrical cabinet are increasing, the space does not. Here the new system controller mini in the ABB-Welcome range is ideal, because it manages all relevant controls with only 6 module widths. It supplies a door video station and two ABB-Welcome panels with all their audio and video functions. Also door openers and corridor lights can be switched directly.
This system is especially suitable for renovations since the existing electrical cabinet can continue to be used. An efficient one-to-one replacement of old systems saves money, time and brings satisfaction to the users and electrical fitters.

  • Only half the space required as before
  • Simple replacement for renovations
  • Supports complete audio and video functions in one device

Busch-CO2 sensor

Clarity for all. With precise CO2 values

The new Busch-CO2 sensor. Measures air quality and humidity and regulates the incoming fresh air. It switches the ventilation on automatically and opens the window as soon as the maximum CO2 value has been exceeded in the room.

All of today’s houses, private and public buildings of all kinds must conform to the energy efficiency standard. The energy saving ordinance demands the insulation of windows, roof and wall and leads to extremely low air exchange values. The advantage of saving energy turns into a disadvantage: The CO2 concentration in the rooms rise – and also the humidity. The air is merely circulated and no fresh air is fed in. Here Busch-Jaeger has developed an innovative indoor air sensor. A logically arranged display shows the actual status of the air, the CO2 content, the humidity, air pressure and temperature in clear text. Also threshold values can be entered and transmitted. The windows and ventilation are automatically controlled via relays. The display turns red when the threshold values are exceeded. One has the indoor air quality under control. To optimize this is a basic need during the planning of real estate.

Can design be more than just functional?

Creative people can long argue about the often-used term of design. The endless question of what shape can really achieve can be answered very simply. Perfect styling arises from the things people want to do with it.

Functionality is the best because everything works perfectly

Shape should follow function, this is the well-known theorem about design. With complex systems this is a challenge, since home automation has many functions. Here many things interact. Where can design start? There are three objectives to provide the user the best for daily life. First, the applications must blend with every kind of architecture. Second, the devices must have their own appealing shape. Third, the design must function without any compromises. To unite everything, that is the Busch-Jaeger standard.

Design involves not only the surface, but it starts already with the interior of the devices including connecting. One does not need to be a designer to appreciate this. Every electrical fitter prefers to work with a functional structure, because while a perfect connection is aesthetic per se and has practical preferences: one does not lose the overview. A clear concept produces functionality and creates a system that operates faultlessly right from the start. This is the basic principle from which the designers of Busch-Jaeger continue to operate. They produce products which harmonize with every kind of architecture and offer numerous options for design. That is why architects especially appreciate Busch-Jaeger. An overall functionality comes into being technically, haptically and visually. Technology integrates itself into life, whether in the single residential unit or in the luxury hotel. The new mobile communication technologies have made a further step possible. Especially the touch screen has revolutionized the world and retired many technical designs to the museum. All control devices have undergone a fundamental change. Everything today can be constructed ultra flat. Many buttons and knobs can be operated even more sensitively because they are virtual and software-controlled. Real progress because the intuition of the person is the new function. Operation becomes simpler. Many applications are combined into a unit. This is how the smartphone has found its place in home automation. What counts here is the design of connectivity, from device to device and from person to person.

Reflex SI and Busch-balance® SI

With edges and corners. Perfect also for KNX

The SI range is being developed further. Together with KNX sensors the control of
many functions gets simpler, more varied and more elegant.

A beautiful room is created from the interaction of shapes, colours and the light. One also improves the potential technically when Busch-balance SI® is used together with KNX. Because connected structures lower the consumption of energy and raise comfort and safety. Busch-Jaeger KNX control elements are the interface for regulating light, heat, fresh air, blinds and media technology. Here, for multifunction elements, RGB LEDs care for clarity. In the beautifully shaped straight-lined frames all modern applications find their place, such as movement detector, Internet connections, temperature controllers and much more. In this way KNX creates a new variety also for the standard installation.

  • Now in straight-lined design
  • Identical depth of range Reflex SI and Busch-balance® SI
  • Flexible for commercial buildings for the integration of other inserts – dimension 55
  • Colour analogous to RAL 9010 Corresponds to the typical tender specifications
  • Markable rockers and frames
  • Both standard ranges with extensive control elements for ABB i-bus® KNX and ABB-free@home®


Classic values. Style and perfection.

Busch-dynasty®. The switch which harmonizes perfectly with quality interior design. The high-quality shape encloses the current technology of home automation. Also KNX and ABB-free@home® control elements receive a classic grace due to the hand-polished or brushed brass of the frame and the manually refined rockers. Each living space deserves the very best.

The classic and modern merge with Busch-dynasty® into a unique form which harmonizes with traditional architectural styles. Different combinations of colour, decor and haptics result in a host of possibilities for the atmosphere in noble apartments, hotels and shopping areas. Brushed or polished brass reflects not only the light of sophisticated interiors, but also the unique taste of those present. Here a total of 50 new Busch-dynasty® products are available: Cover frame made of plastic or metal, which can be combined with all ivory or anthracite coloured rockers, socket outlets and cover plates from Busch-Jaeger. Whether 2gang switches, SCHUKO® socket outlet with LED control light or a 4gang KNX sensor with room temperature controller – the Busch-dynasty® frames orchestrate each function in a unique way.

  • Luxurious design, outstanding quality
  • Handicraft turns every product into something unique
  • Numerous different styles and many options for combining

Living Space® | Smart Home

Experience the impressive variety.

Experiencing solutions interactively. What Busch-Jaeger amounts to in detail can be discovered three-dimensionally on the Internet. All rooms are accessible in virtual reality. Here one can clearly see each product in its application.

The almost limitless possibilities of the Busch-Jaeger world do not remain abstract. Because livings space becomes alive and products and functions tangible. One can move around in the room on the monitor and see how one thing connects to the other. This gives the electrical fitter an idea about the actual living space in advance. Here he can provide advice with an actual example and recommendations for various solutions. After all, each living situation is different. And most have a special wish for their home. No problem, here it is. End customers navigate playfully through the building, create wishes and find definite solutions for their requirements.