Always the perfect light.

Beautiful music, a glass of wine, a soft sofa. What makes this even more perfect now is pleasantly subdued and colourful illumination. The innovative and elegant Busch-Dimmer® units with their soft reduction of the volume of light create an intimate, cosy atmosphere. They offer the possibility of creating the kind of illumination that suits the mood and the occasion. And they add a special kind of magic to those intimate moments. Now also future-oriented. Busch-Dimmer® units for LEDs.
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Busch-Dimmer® Tool.

The allocation of lamps and dimmers in the options list for a lamp suitable for the dimmer (and vice versa) is to point out compatible combinations of lamps and dimmers.  additional information

Comfort for retrofitting. Without any effort.

With Busch-Jaeger one is always served best. Because even a conventional light switch with two rockers can be retrofitted with a dimmer without having to make structural changes. Two versions are available. When a dimmer knob is pressed on a switch dimmer, an additional load (6 A maximum) can be connected, such as a second lamp, for example. With 2gang dimmers, one lamp can be controlled with each rocker half. A short press: on and off. A long press: dimming.

Comfortable control. Extension units save annoying detours.

Even in large rooms with several doors one need not stumble around in the dark. Or struggle to find the only available light switch. With Busch-Dimmers up to five rotary control elements for controlling specific lights can be installed. This works perfectly due to the practical rotary dimmer extension unit - and also, of course, with existing two-way and intermediate switches. And the best is: The operation of dimmers and extension units is completely identical.

The sofa becomes a control centre. Busch-Dimmer® with remote control.

Comfort also means having everything under control. All functions of the electronic devices can be controlled with ease. The intelligent remote control of the Busch-Dimmer® controls not only desired individual light situations, but also the operation of the stereo system or the blind. No need to get up to operate push-buttons and light switches. This exclusive comfort is available as infrared or radio remote control. The Busch-Dimmer® with IR and radio-controlled dimmer.

Future-oriented. Busch-Dimmer® units for LEDs.

LED lamps are the most modern lamps. They redefine the use of light and use only a fifth of the energy of conventional lamps. However, it has been impossible to dim them until now. In cooperation with Philips - the market leader of LED lamps - Busch-Jaeger has developed high-quality dimmers that perfectly harmonize with these efficient light sources. The modern Philips retrofit LEDs produce the same results as the conventional incandescent lamps.

The technology of the LED dimmers is based on transistors. They generate no humming noise and are therefore especially suited for use in hollow walls. They are available as rotary and touch-dimmers in all Busch-Jaeger switch ranges (except Decento®).