Socket outlets.

Optimum power supply.

Living without current today is impossible. However, it can also quickly become life-threatening. A device can quickly become defective without being aware of it, or the offspring plays with the socket outlet. Hazards can also occur when one drills into a power cable, unintentionally damages a cable or lightning strikes. All this is prevented when one has installed the safe and convenient socket outlets from Busch-Jaeger.
Additional information

The Busch-Jaeger SCHUKO® socket outlet offer a great variety of options to make life easier and safer. Comfortable functionality creates freedom and brings your home back to life every day. And it starts with the socket outlet. With the SCHUKO® USB socket outlet you always have a permanent location for charging. The socket outlets from Busch-Jaeger offer safety when handling current. FI-SCHUKOMAT, in case you run over the cable while mowing the lawn, for example. Socket outlets with integrated shutter to protect against shock, in case children start tampering with them. Or the Busch-Protector® in case lightening strikes in the neighbourhood. And to prevent unauthorized persons access to your current, simply lock the hinged lid of the socket outlet.