KNX Building Systems Technology.

Individual living space.

The living room is comfortably warm on time, it stays nice and cool in the bedroom, the light matches the situation independently and the Venetian blinds adjust by themselves to the weather or time of day. Nice when comfort can be so easily taken for granted. With intelligent building networking from Busch-Jaeger.
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Everything well regulated – made to order.

Lighting, heating, energy consumption, security systems: With a high-performance home control from Busch-Jaeger, your home responds to you and your wishes. Living becomes comfortable as never before, while energy efficiency and safety increase at the same time. In addition, audio, video or household appliances can also be integrated seamlessly. And with the intuitive operation of the elegant control elements from Busch-Jaeger you have all areas fully under control without any effort.

KNX solutions. Flexibility integrated.

KNX pays off many times over: immediately by its clear user advantages – and in the future thanks to its flexible extendibility. At the start of construction, not all functions have to be defined. Busch-Jaeger KNX creates the structure, which you can also assign later or stepwise with the required functions. The KNX system is standardised and therefore, a future-proof investment decision. Busch-Jaeger implements the different options with the ABB Powernet KNX and ABB i-bus® KNX systems.

ABB i-bus® KNX. Completely networked building technology.

KNX has been an integral part of contemporary building management as a worldwide system. This mature technology is powerful and flexible, allowing the installation of systems for every building and for every conceivable task. In addition to one conduit for the energy supply, this system also uses a separate second line for the transmission of information. As a result, it is suitable as a solution for new construction in which a high-performance, future-proof and scalable system can be installed from the beginning.